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Masonry & Concrete

You need look no further for your masonry work then right here at Farnsworth Enterprises. The masonry and concrete part of our work is the most fun for us simply because of the wide range of projects that can be created. It lasts a lifetime and really adds value to your home. Over time, we have learned all of the tricks to making concrete and masonry products work for you, including walls, ponds, waterfalls, swimming pools, walkways, tile, and seawalls. We can also create concrete piers by pouring concrete under water for a much more durable support for your dock or boat house. We have tricks up our sleeve that make our competitors envious. We are also experienced in the old style masonry work with a new twist for durability, or we can give you a modern look that will add beauty and value to your home for a lifetime of enjoyment. We enjoy working with masonry projects in a water setting and we know what we are doing. With a wide range of suppliers at our fingertips, we can find most any product you can think of and match most old products. If we can't find it, we can usually make it.

Our home base is Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina, but we are very mobile and will travel all over South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia. Please keep us in mind for your next major or minor masonry project.

Please take notice that each and every category we offer compliments the other in such a way that there is no need to bring in several different unknown companies to take care of your needs. Everything we do can be handled in house and in a professional and prompt manner. Please contact us to evaluate and negotiate for the completion of your next project. Thank you.

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