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Grading and Clearing

Welcome to our grading Page. We are Spartanburg, South Carolina's premier grading company. We believe grading is a very important service as it sets the foundation for all of your home and landscape projects. It determines the way your water flows, which protects your expensive projects, and most importantly, your home. For three decades now, we have been operating equipment in the Upstate of South Carolina and the foothills and mountains of Western North Carolina, and we get it right every time.

We have the skills to provide unexcelled service in a wide variety of grading projects. Being a full service grading company, our skills include: earth moving, land clearing, landscaping, grading, drainage problems, erosion problems, water problems, pond installations, creek re-routing, septic problems, French drains, foundation repair, waterproofing, water lines, driveways, roads and hunting club access roads. We also offer woodland cleanup, which cuts down on unwanted pests, making your forest safer for you and your children. It is accomplished by cleaning out all of the undergrowth within your forest, which lets your trees breath and grow stronger. Given the opportunity, We can add value to your home and make your life a lot easier. Remember, estimates are always free.

Have dirt, will travel!

Please take notice that each and every category we offer compliments the other in such a way that there is no need to bring in several different unknown companies to take care of your needs. Everything we do can be handled in house and in a professional and prompt manner. Please contact us to evaluate and negotiate for the completion of your next project. Thank you.

Above are pictures of some of our equipment.

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